MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope Review

by Chest Scope | Last Updated: March 4, 2021

A stethoscope is one of the most utilized medical devices by doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners. It is used for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of the body. Stethoscope is an important screening tool for the initial diagnosis of possible health problems such as heart disease, bronchitis, high blood pressure, and gastro-intestinal problems. That is why having a good quality stethoscope is vital for nurses and doctors in order to listen to internal sounds of the body and come up with precise, correct diagnoses.

There are hundreds of brands and models of stethoscopes on the market today, and most of them are expensive. Fortunately, there are few good stethoscopes that are affordable, yet provide accurate results. One of these is the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope. Since 1971, MDF Acoustica has been manufacturing good-quality stethoscopes that are inexpensive.

This 29-inch MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope model is an all-purpose, general stethoscope with 22 inch long tubing and diaphragm. It provides better quality sound. It is durable, lightweight, and convenient to use and carry. Its ComfortSeal ear tips come in three pairs – small, regular, and large – and each of the ear tips comes with patented SafetyLock ear tip adaptors to protect ear drums from damage.

What is best about MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope is that each stethoscope comes with MDF Acoustica’s free parts for life program and lifetime warranty, yet it is so affordably priced that even nursers and students with limited budgets can afford one for themselves.


  • All-purpose stethoscope
  • ComfortSeal ear tips
  • High sound performance
  • SafetyLock ear tip adaptors
  • Latex-free
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Professional grade stethoscope
  • 29 inches long


  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Very affordable
  • Non irritant
  • Protects ear drums
  • User safety
  • Lightweight
  • Soft ear pieces

Things to be Aware Of

  • Bulky tubing

Being able to find a good stethoscope for a very fair price is like finding buried treasure. This MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope is a good find. Of course it may not match the sensitivity of expensive, high-quality stethoscopes, but this is way better than other stethoscopes in the price range of $8 to $25. It has soft ear pieces for comfortable use and ear tips equipped with patented SafetyLock technology to protect ear drums from getting hurt.

It can be used for general auscultation; it is lightweight, convenient, and can withstand pressure and damage, so it can last for years of use. Even though it is an affordable stethoscope, the components aren’t necessarily cheap; it prevents skin irritation because it is latex-free and made from other safe materials. One drawback, however, is its tubing is bulkier in comparison to other models. However, overall the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope is a good quality, inexpensive stethoscope.


There are other inexpensive stethoscopes on the market today, but are they as good as the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope? Let us take a look at two other two affordable stethoscopes – the Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope and the EMI Dual Head Stethoscope. The Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope costs less than the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope.

It is also latex-free, so it’s safe for sensitive skin. It includes two pairs of ear tips, three sizes of open bells, two sizes of diaphragms, and even a storage case. It’s not one of the best, but if you are looking for a disposable stethoscope, this MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope will do.

Another cheap option is the EMI Dual Head Stethoscope. This model is a lot cheaper compared to the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope, but is it better? The EMI Dual Head Stethoscope includes a pair of soft ear tips and a spare diaphragm for comfortable auscultation. It has two-headed chest piece – a bell on one side and a diaphragm on the other. The tubing has a length of 22 inches and is latex-free so it’s safe for skin. It is lightweight too, so it’s convenient and easy to use.

Bottom Line

There are other affordable stethoscopes on the market but most of them break easily and do not provide loud enough sounds. The MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope is low cost but it is not like other cheap stethoscope brands; it produces enhanced, high-quality sound with its bulky tubing.

It is safe to use as well, as the latex-free ear tips come with patented SafetyLock technology. Of course it is not as good as a more expensive brand or model, but it provides accurate acoustics and has durability.

Stethoscopes don’t need to be expensive to come up with accurate auscultation results. Some expensive brands and models are not that good and are easily damaged; there are affordable stethoscopes that are as good as the expensive ones. Know your auscultation needs. You might just need a low cost, all-purpose stethoscope like the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Dual Head Stethoscope.