Passionate Care Premium Stethoscope Review

by Chest Scope | Last Updated: March 4, 2021

Enrolling in a nursing course or med school can be challenging and expensive. It can prove to be difficult, since students are required to study a lot, go to their practice duties in hospitals, and deal with plenty of exams just to finish the course. There’s also lots of important information that you have to memorize in order to be successful and graduate from medical or nursing school.

Aspects like medical references, equipment and uniforms contribute to the expenses that any nursing or medical student has to deal with in his or her tenure. Because of steep tuition fees, many students have resorted to buying lower-priced medical gear.

Included among the oft-used equipment for students is the stethoscope. Teachers in nursing courses and med school train their students in using the device from the get-go, instructing them on how to decipher vital signs properly so that they can help appropriately during practice shifts. Students in general require a stethoscope that will not only function correctly and accurately, but will also fit right in with their limited budget. To that end, here’s one of the most affordable stethoscope models available at the moment, Passionate Care’s Premium Stethoscope.


  • Audible sound with good quality, so users will be able to hear and comprehend every single heartbeat.
  • Comfortable, supple eartips for effortless handling throughout an entire shift.
  • Recommended for nurses, cardiologists, respiratory therapists, and students
  • Includes 60-day full money back warranty.

Benefits :

Things to be Aware Of

Bottom Line

Passionate Care’s Premium Stethoscope is finally an affordable model that med and nursing students can count on. Some of you might be put off by the way the bell was designed but in my opinion, with its exceptional sound quality, great looks, and comfortable wear, all at a wallet-friendly price, this particular unit is a hit.