RA Bock Single Head Cardiology Stethoscope with Pressure Sensitive Diaphragm Review

by Chest Scope | Last Updated: March 4, 2021

There is no question that the stethoscope is a device that is important to all doctors and healthcare providers. Whether you are a nurse, a technician, a physician, or a med student, you need a stethoscope that has prime quality and features that will work exceptionally. A model that is low quality will not be able to provide an accurate diagnosis, since it is not capable of detecting the most subtle lung resonances or heartbeat rhythms.

An incorrect diagnosis of a heart or lung condition can lead to complications and it will also have an adverse effect on the physician responsible for it. This is why it is important that healthcare providers should acquire a stethoscope with helpful features and exceptional sound quality.

This article will focus on a review of RA Bock Diagnostics’ Single Head Cardiology Stethoscope. Let us see its highlights and setbacks, plus the views of customers who have bought the unit.


  • Distinctive design with standard bell and diaphragm acoustic response.
  • Handy one-sided chest piece.
  • Black Cherry Soft eartips with an additional set, plus backup Deep red Cherry Soft eartips.
  • Has an overall length of 27 inches
  • Includes lifetime warranty on head, binaurals and tubing


Things to be Aware Of

Bottom Line

Other models from brands like Littman proved to have more good points on their models in terms of design/workmanship, but if you are not particularly fussy with the looks of a stethoscope, RA Bock’s Single Head Cardiology stethoscope is a good deal. It has exceptional acoustics, which matches those from Littman’s, and the unit has overall great value. Others will also find the lifetime warranty deal an excellent offer.